The pandemic brings into focus our interconnectivity as we witness the widespread social impact of COVID-19. In response, the College of Community Innovation and Education stands unified in our commitment to serve communities through innovative, interdisciplinary and transformative research and service.

Funded Research


Adapting Community Corrections in Response to COVID-19

A project to track the progress of community corrections agencies in adapting to COVID-19.
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Principal Investigator: Jill Viglione, Ph.D.


Changes in the Delivery of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Depression and PTSD as the Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

A UCF and Orlando VA Healthcare System research project to examine why some veterans complete their psychotherapy treatment and others do not.
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Co-Principal Investigators: Christian King, Ph.D., Andriy Koval, Ph.D., and Varadraj Gurupur, Ph.D.

System Response Monitor Team for the World Health Organization

A team collecting data on the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Team Members: Lynn Unruh, Ph.D. and Andriy Koval, Ph.D.


Emergency Management and Policy Analysis in a Pandemic

COVID-19 working groups for public health and social sciences research.
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Principal Investigator: Jungwon Yeo, Ph.D.

Publications and Presentations

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While living in a time of physical distancing, our faculty, staff and students have found innovative ways to serve and connect with communities.

Podcast for Teachers and Parents

The Practical Access podcast offers practical advice for teachers and parents of children with disabilities, dedicating the entire first season to challenges related to COVID-19.

Virtual Counseling Services

The Community Counseling and Research Center has expanded its services during the pandemic to provide free virtual counseling for community members in Central Florida, while continuing to offer some face-to-face services on the main campus.


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